How To Calculate The Value Of Your Time.

We all know that there are twenty-four hours in a day but how you allocate those hours can make all the difference in how successful you may be. Time management is essential to realizing our goals though many of us don’t put a value on who we allow access to it. Often times we lose track of how many minutes trail off the clock as we constantly put energy into activities and people that don’t pay back dividends . Being able to hone in and gain more of your worth is crucial in those moments and can be all the difference to achieving your next level.

To put it into context, simply look at some of the most successful C.E.O’s of the world. They all work from an organized schedule. Their schedule may include everything from board meetings to other business related tasks but they are also setting aside time for other activities as well. Having this organization laid out for you allows you to see having a timeline has several advantages. When you break it down to hour or even half-hour blocks, the necessary time for other activities becomes more accessible. As you adapt a mindset of allotted time, you begin to put a value on what can pull from you and where you may adjust to add value. It’s all in the proper amount of effort you put forth. So just as you may start to see the benefit into why they do it, the game changer is when we apply the same mentality to our own lives.

The key to starting is to record your daily activities. In order to process your time correctly, you must first identify where its being spent. So even down to the time you spent endlessly scrolling on IG or watching every viral video on your YouTube feed, this should be captured. There are several apps such as Todoist and Evernote that can help you map out your day down to the smallest detail. As you start to prioritize which activities are of most importance, you can allow in things you keep putting off. You do this by keeping a record for about a two week period. Within this period, monitor everything. From how long you take to get to work to the length of time spent checking emails. As the snapshot unfolds, the more you build an understanding of where you can shave off unproductive moments for your most valuable ones. When you’re able to put it into actionable responses, the clearer your schedule will become.

The ability to set a plan into motion and execute it is all that separates the successful from the stagnant. Take ownership of your most valuable possession and reap all the rewards that come with it. Multi-media host Steve Harvey has as been quoted as saying “Rich people don’t sleep eight hours a day, that’s a third of your life. We already program ourselves for the eight hours we put in our work day, its what we do with the remaining sixteen that will have the greatest impact. Managing who gains entry to your space can be difficult and we normally give of our time and leave little for ourselves. Its up to you to take note that if you want to be more productive, your blueprint can be easily designed. Its up to you to execute it.




Embracing the challenges of life and all that comes with it. Proud father of 6 incredible kids who challenge me to better myself each day.

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Mali Mario LeBron Sr.

Mali Mario LeBron Sr.

Embracing the challenges of life and all that comes with it. Proud father of 6 incredible kids who challenge me to better myself each day.

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